Our Methodology

With Bartley Construction, we believe that the customer should know where we are at with each and every step of the project.

Stage 1: Project Evaluation

Following an on-site analysis of what it will take to complete the project, Bartley Construction will provide you with a detailed cost estimate that includes the price of materials and labor.

Stage 2: Construction

A Bartley Construction project supervisor is present at all times to make sure the workflow is managed properly and efficiently. Bartley Construction's ability to proficiently complete the necessary work at this critical phase upholds the reputation of your property. All efforts are made to keep your operations as normal as possible for you and your tenants. At the end of each work day, Bartley Construction makes it a priority to ensure that the job site is clean and safe.

Stage 3: Project Inspection

Prior to your final inspection of the property, your project will have on-going inspections by Bartley Construction project supervisors. If you are dissatisfied during the process of the project, Bartley Construction will consider each concern and make every effort to correct it. You will always have the final stamp of approval on your project.

Stage 4: Follow-up

Bartley Construction provides a one-year warranty on workmanship in addition to all of the manufacturer's warranties appropriate to your project's specifications.